Dedicated to leading change in an international context for two decades, I have enjoyed bridging...


sectors - bringing together Multinationals with Civil Society Organisations, Government agencies with cutting edge Creatives, farmers with environmentalists


disciplines - spanning from an MBA in Sustainability Management (focusing on Competence and Organisation Development), Economics, Law, Sociology & Aboriginal Studies to Landcare - and drawing from insights of neuroscience and IT


cultures - growing up with an English mom and German dad, living in different countries and having worked with people from all continents


...to nurture diversity for innovative solutions

for a Sustainable Future



  • International member relations including achieving new setup and constitution of Board and Membership, in accordance with German Association Law for an International Organisation
  • Facilitation of international Working Group meeting
  • Team support to transition to Work 4.0 with team of a #top20 of Fortune500 company
  • Facilitating change processes with intl. multi-stakeholder board Working in Cross-Functional Teams
  • Teambuilding and Team Leader Feedback Facilitation, co-located and dispersed teams
  • BasiQ training for first-time team leaders
  • Training facilitation of stakeholder consultations
  • Facilitation of strategy meeting on anti-corruption
  • Dialogue on Implementing a Customs Union in Africa
  • Pan-African Crossborder Learning Journey
  • Innovation Lab - International Research Cooperation 
  • Facilitation of Facilitators, Berlin & Schweinheim
  • Moderation Onboarding New Staff 
  • International Relations Management
  • World Bank, DfiD and GIZ Leadership cooperation 
  • Organised World Bank Forum on Leadership (feat. Peter Senge)
  • Large Systems Change with International Development Institute, Collective Leadership Institute, Cognitive Edge a.o
  • Consulting on use of virtual tools for alumni management & virtual teams
  • Climate Leadership Programme Central Asia
  • Leading Virtual Teams (incl. in fragile contexts) - consulting & training
  • Coaching & Training for online facilitation
  • Training of Trainers in Leadership Management, Tunisia
  • Social Media Training
  • Developing blended and online courses in adult education
  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Developed course on Problem-solving and Decision-making 
  • Leadership Foundations and Models 
  • Climate Leadership Programme Burundi
  • Leadership for NGOs in Africa
  • Team Leadership of co-located team as well as a distributed, remote team
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • New Markets Development
  • Brand, Trademark and License Management
  • Coordinated Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning team
  • Media Spokesperson and Campaigner (TV, Radio, Print)
  • Research on electronic waste
  • Training of Teamers of intl. voluntary service  



  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sustainability Management, Thesis (with distinction)
    Sustainable at Heart: Holistic Competence and Organisation Development. Concepts, Tools and Prototypes 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Socio-Economics - a combination of law, economics, business and sociology
  • Bachelor of Social Science (major: Aboriginal Studies) 
  • Certificate in Landcare and Environmental Studies 
  • Permaculture Design Certificate 
  • Certified Translator German <> English

professional development

Live Online Trainer, certified - FCT Academy

Licensed Facilitator of the Work Together Anywhere workshop - Lisette Sutherland's Collaboration Superpowers

Co-active Coach (ICF-accredited) - Co-active Training Institute

Systemic Coaching & Constellations Fundamentals I (ICF) - CoachingConstellations

Dynamic Facilitation - Matthias zur Bonsen / Zweisicht

Intercultural Competencies - ICUnet.AG

Participatory Leadership - Art of Hosting Conversations that matter - Interchange & Confluence Unlimited

Design Thinking für Nachhaltigkeit - Harrach & Blaszejweski, konzipiert von Dark Horse

Project & Change Management - Next Level Consulting

Team Development– Willers Workgroup 

Scrum Einführung - Maera Agile Academy

Process flows & New Product Development – Accenture

Chaordic Process Design – Chris Corrigan

Sociocratic Meetings - Unternehmen Lerneffekt

Coaching Foundations - Coaching Academy London 

Social Media – Public Opinion Partners

Media Training (Video, audio, text) - Jordan Templeman Group

Facilitation & Negotiation - Akademie für Konflikttransformation

Performance Appraisal, Appreciative Listening & Feedback - Kathrin Micklitz, Coaching Center

Self-Management – Jochen Weihe

Time Management – New Horizons

Negotiation Training - Saner Diplomacy Dialogue 

Design Thinking – Allynet

Human Resource Development Consulting - Como Consulting

Ego to Eco. Transforming Business, Society and Self - Presencing Institute

Consulting on International Competency Development  Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Training of Teamers Trainer- Youth Action for Peace